Why Choose Bob as a Golf Teacher and Coach?

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The Most Effective Golf Instruction in the World.

photo-instituteBob Byman teaches time tested fundamentals that have allowed every great player to dominate the sport in their prime… and it will allow you to optimize all parts of your golf game.

It all starts with “The Absolute Best Grip in the World” and builds from there. All long term development in your game is directly related to the quality and purposefulness of how you put your hands on the club. Soon, with proper instruction and diligence, your golf grip will be as good as any player in the history of the game.

This naturally lays the foundation for setting up the conditions for improvement in your golf swing and overall game. As you progress, you will understand, experience and execute each aspect of “The Circle of Fundamentals”, including the Starting Position, Loading Motion, Unloading Motion and Finishing Position.

Your system will be put into balance as together we work these time-tested fundamentals into your game. Your improvement is inevitable and automatic.

With over 31 years of teaching and coaching experience and expertise coupled with over 40 years of competitive experience, Bob brings an extremely rare synergy of skills to golf instruction. View Bob’s impressive biography & credentials.

Bob Byman’s golf lessons will benefit players of all abilities and experience, from the beginner to the most advanced professional. Why choose Bob? Because he is simply the best! Through the Institute of Advanced Golf Studies, Bob offers a variety of Golf Programs designed to bring out the best in you. Programs are in place for beginner golfers who need a solid foundation, and for junior golfers who need clear guidance and freedom to express their own style. Read more details here.



In the absence of continual external reinforcement, we must become our own monitor…and the quality of our presence is often the best gauge. We cannot expect to touch excellence if going through the motions is the norm of our lives. On the other hand if deep fluid presence becomes second nature, then life, living and learning take on a richness that will continually surprise and delight. Presence to the day-to-day learning process is akin to the purity of focus others dream of achieving in rare climactic moments when everything is on the line. The secret is that everything is always on the line. You must therefore live a lifestyle of reinforcement!

“You must have pliable adaptability to be able to change with change…
There is no failure only feedback.
Use No Limitation as your Limitation.”

Bruce Lee