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To be a better golfer…

After several years of working on my golf swings for weekend golf outings, I took my first ever set of golf lessons with golf professional Bob Byman at Revere golf club in Las Vegas NV.

Bob’s evaluation of my skills and his patience in explaining and showing the proper way to grip golf clubs, placement of ball positions in relation to correct stance-shoulders-hips with proper alignment and weight transition proved to be very encouraging as I continue to work on my skills.

Bob is a very relatable and personable individual. His desire for any student taking lessons is to concentrate and put into practice the correct way to hit a golf ball that you just learned in the lesson’s vs regressing back into the poor golf habits learned over the years.

Overall, he instills the desire to be a better golfer when you put in the practice, practice and more practice.

Thanks, Bob, for your coaching expertise. I had a great time!

Darlene B.

He was excellent!

I totally enjoyed the instruction I received from Bob. He was excellent! Bob really improved every aspect of my golf swing and was able to do so in a way that was easy to understand. I am so glad I had the opportunity to work with Bob and I look forward to doing it again in the future. Might even have some friends look him up for some instruction too.

Fred L.

Way beyond my expectations

As mentioned to Bob the five days were way beyond my expectations. I went from “no way I can do this” through a series of “wow” moments to today feeling extremely confident in all aspects of the game. This was all possible due to Bob’s unbelievable diligence and of course innate understanding of the technicalities of the swing and the human physiology. Add to this his warm and welcoming personality and I now look back to the five days and I am not surprised what I have achieved over these days ( I have videos to prove that ! ). I wish you and Bob all the success in your ventures abroad and I have no doubt I will be hearing a lot about Bob as he continues to impart his knowledge to those lucky enough to embrace it.

Nadeem Masud

I would recommend him to anybody

While taking lessons from Bob Byman over the past 4 months, I have gone from a 30+ handicap to a 9. I had been trying to improve my game on my own, but was only getting worse. I am 22 years old and I am a college student and an accomplished athlete, but golf had become totally frustrating to me. Bob started teaching me his “time tested fundamentals” and, even with limited practice time, I started improving immediately. Bob is a great teacher. In fact, I have learned more from him than any other teacher, in any subject, I have ever had. Of course I became a better golfer, but through learning golf with Bob I also learned how to learn. Bob is masterful at communicating. He has unlimited ways of getting me to understand exactly what I was trying to do. I have become a better student in college and a better person overall while applying Bob’s methods of instruction. I loved my time with him and look forward to the future. He was an inspiration to me to be my best. I know that I will continue to get better and better. The lessons that he taught me about the swing and about golf affected my life outside of golf…the way I think about things, the way I think about myself… so positively. I would recommend him to anybody.

Carl D

I would recommend to anyone who truly wants to improve their game, spend time with Bob

Bob and I, as brothers, started playing golf at an early age and grew up playing a lot of golf together. Our games continued to develop and improve over time to the point where we both qualified for the PGA Tour at the same qualifying school in 1978. My golf career highlights include being the 1972 Mexican National Amateur Champion, the 1974 Mexican National Open Champion and the 1975 Manitoba (Canada) Open Champion. I left the Tour in 1980 to pursue other interests and played golf only sparingly for the past 30+ years. At the encouragement of my two sons I decided to start playing Senior Golf a little over a year ago. The first person I called for help was my brother Bob. We have worked together multiple times to build a repeating golf swing that could stand up to tournament pressure. We started with the grip, stance and posture and then moved to understanding the loading and unloading elements of the golf swing. My improvement was both immediate and continuous. We continue to get together as often as possible for further refinement. I recently qualified for the US Senior Amateur finishing in the top 4 in a 90 person sectional field. The Championship will be held September 26 –October 1. I worked with many prominent golf instructors back when I was playing competitive golf and I believe Bob has the most complete understanding of the mechanics of the golf swing of anyone I’ve ever been around. He has a great “eye” to diagnose swing problems and has a unique ability to help you understand the changes you need to make to continue to improve. He also has a love for the game is both palpable and infectious! He is a joy to work with! I know that I could not have qualified for the US Senior Amateur without Bob’s help and encouragement. I would recommend to anyone who truly wants to improve their game, spend time with Bob and he will help you improve and will take you as far as you talent will allow. Bob, thanks for all your help!!”

Ed Byman

Thanks for a great experience

Thanks for the kind encouragement. I had such a great time working with you on my game. Besides really knowing the game, you are able to communicate and teach very effectively. You have a real passion for what you are teaching and that comes through in every detail of your instruction. I can’t wait to get out and practice what I learned and then bring my new game to the course. I also look forward to getting a chance to work with you again. Thanks for a great experience.

Rick Jasperson

I learned so much and will start putting it to use

Thank you SOO much for helping me the last few days. I learned so much and will start putting it to use. It will be fun to learn and have your key words and music in my mind. And you know I will be laughing when I mess up but remember your challenges/questions.

John Jensen

Thanks again

I finally got to watch Steven play yesterday and it was pretty impressive. He made the varsity squad as a freshman and now has won his first high school tourney. Had his first under par tournament round. I feel it’s important to let you know that the 3 days you spent with him over Christmas have been extremely beneficial. His ball-striking, beat and balance look just great to my untrained eye. He has been solid with the putter as well. As you predicted, his confidence and excitement for golf grows along with his progress. Between you setting him up with solid fundamentals and a system for ensuring them and his new found desire to play for his team and his school, things have been progressing very nicely. Thanks again!


An incredible two days of instruction

This was an incredible two days of instruction with Bob. If I would have taken lessons with Bob years ago, I would now be a single handicap golfer. I came to this clinic hoping to learn to get out of the sand better. It took about 5 minutes for Bob to teach me to hit good sand shots. He also changed my grip, my ball address, my putting grip and my putting; all for the better. I’ll be back in Vegas in May and will schedule another session.


Bob rebuilt everything

I only wish I was as good a student as he is a teacher. Having said that Bob rebuilt everything regarding my swing. Never realized I was doing so many things wrong. By the last day, I was definitely hitting with more consistency and am confident my game will improve. I am anxious to take my new swing to the course but unfortunately living in Northern Utah it snowed yesterday! With regard to the Marriott Summerlin; during my career, I traveled extensively and always found the Marriott’s to be relatively consistent. I found the Marriott Summerlin to be one of the nicest Marriott properties I have visited. I would highly recommend this location.

Rich A

I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons

I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons with Bob. He made me aware, he encouraged me to approach my game using my brain as much as using my body. I purchased Bob’s Book and I plan on being a student of golf not just a hobbyist.

Kevin W

Very, very cool

I’m excited for the golf season ahead. Though I haven’t hit many balls yet and played on the course just once, I am so, so encouraged. The lesson time from January….IS going to be a game changer for me this year. Bob, you really impacted my understanding and helped me know how to fix a couple key flaws. I can usually fix an errant swing the very next ball. Is every shot 100% perfect, not quite. But the game changer so far is that the club face is so consistently square at impact! And this is across every club, wedges to driver. The long clubs especially have dogged me for way too long with inconsistent direction. Thank you, Bob, for the recent lessons both in January and of course last July as well as prior sessions in Vegas. Thank you for the understanding you have imparted to me. I’m really excited for the upcoming season. Hopefully, I’ll be able to come see you again this year to take it up even another level. I’ve been such a range rat the last couple years trying to figure out what works, and answers have been evasive. Tonight I hit the range and didn’t even feel the need to finish the bucket. So I worked on wedge distances and practiced putting! Very, very cool.

John H

I finally feel like I have a coach

Working with Bob was a really great experience and I finally feel like I have a coach that will put me on the right track to help me be the best I can be at this game. I really like the changes he made in my swing, and while it felt uncomfortable and tight in the beginning, I finally am starting to feel comfortable with my changes, especially in the grip and stance. After hitting 1000+ range balls, I can see a bit more consistency and predictability for my shots. I will be looking forward to scheduling another 3 day event with Bob in the near future.

John C

Confident my game will improve

Bob is much too kind. I only wish I was as good a student as he is a teacher. Having said that Bob rebuilt everything regarding my swing. Never realized I was doing so many things wrong. By the last day, I was definitely hitting with more consistency and am confident my game will improve. I am anxious to take my new swing to the course but unfortunately living in Northern Utah it snowed yesterday! With regard to the Marriott Summerlin; during my career, I traveled extensively and always found the Marriott’s to be relatively consistent. I found the Marriott Summerlin to be one of the nicest Marriott properties I have visited. I would highly recommend this location.

Rich A

I appreciate the time I had with you

Hi Bob I just read your post on Jack Nicklaus. Great stuff! I can’t say how much I appreciate the time I had with you my last year of high school. My only regret is that I didn’t find you at the beginning of high school. Not only straighten out my swing and develop a mental game, but you were a great life coach as well. You helped me develop from an awkward unconfident tween to a confident young man and for that I can’t thank you enough. To this day whenever I get discouraged and I need positive mental talk, your voice is always the voice in my head reminding me to be confident and that I’m not my mistakes. I have two kids now that in my dreams are aspiring golfers. So if they grow up fast enough I’ll need to have you show them the ropes!

Zach M

Bob was a great instructor

We really enjoyed our trip and lessons. Bob was a great instructor and has re-invigorated us in getting better at golf. The room at the JW Marriott was wonderful. The TPC was a very nice course in good condition and the staff was polite and professional. We have no complaints about any part of the trip.

Rob H

Everything is great!

Everything is great. Never struck the ball better than I am now. In the Jr. Pga series I hit 35 of 36 greens in the two days…


Great Experience!

Matt and I had a very good 3 days with Bob. His style of teaching and engaging students is both educational and fun. The program was pretty much what I expected, as I knew both of us would have to have our entire approach to the game broken down to the basics. I didn’t realize how difficult it was going to be to change years of a bad grip and have my hands feel comfortable. But when Bob’s techniques were able to be executed correctly, the results were proven out with some great swings and shots. Now it’s a matter of continuing to get comfortable with grip, load, unload and finish and execute them consistently. To be honest, my right hand is still sore/stiff due to trying to master the new grip. But all in all, Bob was able to diagnose both our deficiencies and offer the corrective measures. The course was in good shape – fun place to play. We didn’t see much more of the practice area other than just off the driving range and the putting green. We did not work any sand game in that part of the practice area. I’m hoping to get comfortable with these new techniques, put them into play and then I’ll be happy to circle back in a few months with an update on the results. If all plays out as expected, I’d certainly call on Bob again in the future to get more instruction on the next phases of my game.

Larry B

Scored Personal Best!!

I’m excited to tell you that I scored a personal best round today of 72 even par!! Four birdies and 4 bogeys, the rest par. It was so much fun! The understanding is coming together. The difference today was the driver. Finally turned it into an asset today after finding a couple keys the last week or so. Coach Bob, I’ve been working hard this season with times of success but not putting the whole game together in a round. Your coaching has been always with me and I’ve gone back over it multiple times. When things get a bit off I have definite keys I go back to that you taught me. Generally, I’ve gotten away from 1 or 2 things and then I find them and get it back.

John H

Saw Immediate Results!

Cyndy and I truly enjoyed the experience with Bob. He definitely has great teaching skills and both of us saw immediate results while working with him. We are also confident that the you-tube videos and book will serve to supplement our learning as we try to employ his teachings back in Canada.

Greg R

I now enjoy warm-ups/practice!

Everything is good and the learning continues. My understanding and application of weight transfer during “load/unload is improving daily. I have finished my last four rounds under my number, including an 84 gross 66 net with 7 pars on the back nine. (not bad for an “18”). I’ve never been able to do that. A surprise to me is that I now enjoy warm-ups/practice since I now know what to work on. The test will by my clubs Senior Championship this weekend.

Jim P

Understanding golf swing

Bob knows your swing and better than anyone else I have worked with helps you understand the feelings that produce a repeatable and reliable swing. At 69 years of age, he has proven to me that “you can teach an old dog new tricks” and continue to enjoy the game. He never gets frustrated and is always looking for a way to solve issues while building self confidence. Playing with feel rather than just pure mechanics helps relieve stress on the body – he has also helped my putting a lot!

Gray K

Really eye opening

Bob got even better today. Really eye opening. Learning a tremendous amount about a level of golf I thought tour players kept to themselves. I should be able to win back the cost of the school betting my buddies. Or, I may be giving a crazy amount of strokes.

Dave D

Eric was great!

He was very patient with me and very detailed in his teaching and took his time to make sure I did everything correctly before moving on to the next thing. By the time I left, I felt like I had the tools to put a consistent swing on my ball every time. Excited to get to work on my game! Thank you to both of you for putting this together.

Rich P

Recent 2-day lesson

At age 64, my bucket list included professional lessons from a good teacher. I have never had a lesson, but was a 3-9 handicap, depending on what course I played. My destination was Vegas, (for other reasons), but I was connected with Bob for two days. Very intense and somewhat intimidating. Bob taught me the grip and the swing and I hit balls until I hated it. I felt like a failure (I sucked) and was somewhat disheartened. So, I came home and practiced what he preached and now believe that every minute with Bob was worth it. Good stuff. I am now confident in his turn, his finish, and his grip. I’m not quite there yet, but I have gained length and accuracy. No more weak fades. If you are serious about your game, work with Bob Byman. The best teacher I never experienced. Weight transfer, club turn, and follow-thru. Game changers. Thanks Bob. My colleagues are now asking me questions. Love it.

– Bill Pfrommer

Really enjoyed our time with Bob

Tim and I really enjoyed our time with Bob. Tim was very grateful for a real lesson and he says his swing is a lot better though he has to work on everything Bob taught him. I also got a lot out of it of course and would take another class when we return to Vegas in the future. Thanks for everything!!!

– Ying

I had a great time with Bob

I had a great time with Bob. He pushed on exactly what I needed which was basic fundamentals. I had the chance to play the course and enjoyed it and also enjoyed TPC Las Vegas . I’ll likely setup another 3 day lesson again next year or earlier. Thanks again for the support.


The praises of the work

It has been a good year for golf and a busy one for me. I decided to go back to work and my wife and I moved to Manhattan. I hope you and Bob are well. I will continue to sing the praises of the work Bob and you do and look forward to a time I can come back for a refresher down the road.


What level of player you currently are

Bob Byman will elevate your game no matter what level of player you currently are.

His attention to even the smallest detail, ( for example – which part of your index finger should pressure be applied on the grip, or the cadence of your feet when approaching your stance) is amazing.

I highly recommend the 3 day session.  The facilities at the “pro” end of the range at TPC Las Vegas are unmatched.  Long game, sand and chipping are pristine, and you are basically the only person there.

I have taken lessons from many fine instructors.  That being said, Bob gave me tips that PGA pros use.
He is multiple PGA event winner.  The edge of having been a tour player is the difference.  The metal approach to my shots now is with purpose.

If you are serious about your game, and you listen to what he tells you, get ready for some low rounds.

Dave D.