Las Vegas Golf Programs for Beginners

These Las Vegas golf programs are for players that are just beginning to play golf. Also, anyone who plays in the high 90’s and above is in the beginner category of golfers… no matter how long you have been playing.

Although the fundamentals are the same for all players, particular emphasis is given to getting the student into the game. This means starting with the most basic aspects of building a fundamentally sound, repeatable and consistent swing motion. The golf swing motion can be described, most simply, as connecting a starting position to a finishing position within the confines and protection of rhythm (beat) and balance. My golf programs will teach you how to set up and finish like the best players that have ever played the game. Once doing so, you will learn how to connect the two points through a loading and unloading motion. Improvement in the short term is immediate and dramatic, but more importantly, the conditions will be set for your continued and necessary improvement over time. In essence, you will look like a golfer, feel like a golfer and lay the foundations toward development in the same manner that all highly accomplished golfers have done.

Las Vegas Golf Programs for Juniors

My Junior Golf Programs are tailored to fit the needs and goals of the individual. Teach kids correctly from the beginning and you will give them the opportunity to express all of their innate talents and hard work through golf. Having won three Colorado State Amateur titles, a State High School team and individual championship and the USGA Junior Championship as a junior, I know how to design golf programs which give young, hungry, dedicated and highly intent junior golfers the time tested fundamentals in the physical, mental, emotional and managerial aspects of the game. It is critical for kids to learn it right from the start. Strong adherence to etiquette, respect for the game and other players are enforced, while fostering fun, hard work, accomplishment and competitiveness.

Individual Lessons

Private golf programs and lessons are available to all golfers. I absolutely love to teach and coach golf to anyone who wishes to learn. From beginners to the best players in the world, I prioritize and present the time tested fundamentals in a way and manner that best fits the learning style, goals, temperament and personality of the student. My 40+ years of competitive golf coupled with my 24 years of teaching and coaching the game create golf programs with synergy and expertise that is rarely seen in the business. I have a 100% success rate with my long term students. You will improve because you must improve…it is inevitable. There is no maybe or hope so. Everyone who has fed the time-tested fundamentals into their game has, over time, learned to optimize their skills. I have a variety of packages for my more dedicated clients.

Golf Schools

Bob Byman’s Institute of Advance Golf Studies offers Golf Schools from 2 to 7 days usually 4 to 6 hours a day. I specialize in one on one and two to one Golf Programs. On range and on course instruction is available.

Additionally, my staff and I can handle and love to work with larger groups as well. The teacher / student ratio is never more than 4 to 1.

I customize the golf programs and schools to the needs and goals of the client(s). I have no weaknesses in any aspect of the game and thus can teach you each and every physical, mental, emotional, and psychological skill needed to optimize your game. This includes the full swing motion, short game, sand play, specialty type shots, putting, how to work the ball, planning, management, strategy, assessment and evaluation. I teach the Circle of Fundamentals relating to the physical, mental, emotional, and managerial for recreational and competitive aspects of the game. All things relate to another. All things build upon the other to provide the most effective instruction and coaching available today.

Just about every student has a system that is out of balance for this sport…most of the time it is highly out of balance. Each student looks in his box of ideas, that he brings along with him where ever he plays and practices, trying to find the answers to his problems and challenges. They look and look and finally get exasperated with their game specifically and golf in general. The problem is that the answers aren’t in your box. The answers are in another box that you have never even looked in or know about. That’s my box. Know this; there are answers and a way for you to improve now and for years to come. You just have to understand what you are trying to do… really know. I interview each student and while doing so, I am able to discover your core or strong beliefs about your golf swing and game, your perceptions and feels, the state of your game, your other athletic experiences, your general physical condition and your short and long term golf goals. The great fun and challenge of teaching is that everyone is different and, therefore, I prioritize and present the information in order to take you down a learning path of least resistance.

I am well aware that it takes courage, faith and belief to come join me and one of my golf programs. I appreciate your leap of faith. Although you do not know the outcome, I do. You can’t change effectively unless you fully understand what you are trying to do. It is my job to get you to understand. It is your job to learn and work. Improvement never not happens. The more time we spend together, then the more you will improve. You will have the opportunity to optimize all of your skills and finally take control of your golf game.

Golf Programs for Women

Women are golfers too. Often, golf instructors teach women differently than men. I say no to that! My golf programs will never limit you. You never know what is in the heart and mind of someone who wants to learn and get better. You will learn the same time tested fundamentals that every great male or female golfer in history has utilized. You will become a golfer.

Optimizing Your Skills for the Elite Amateur / Aspiring Pro

There are levels upon levels of performance in golf. As you improve and then want to continue to optimize your skills, the tolerance for deviation away from the time tested fundamentals becomes smaller and smaller.

All the greatest players of their day, in their prime, performed these fundamentals to a higher degree than their competition. Vardon, Sarazen, Jones, Hogan, Snead, Nelson, Palmer, Player, Nicklaus, Watson, Faldo and Woods come to mind. These are the players that dominated the sport in their prime. They have been my teachers. They have been my inspiration and models. Through my 40+ years of competitive golf and now 24 years of teaching Las Vegas golf programs and coaching the game, I can offer you a unique perspective into the aspects of the game that all great players have done. If you want to be a great player, then you must fit as many of these fundamentals into your game. It is really quite simple. However, go down the wrong road of information or be swayed by the latest fad or gimmick that marketers have thrust upon the game and you will surely create a systematic way to ensure your failure.

You can not change effectively unless you fully understand what you are trying to do. It is my job to get you to understand and it is your job to work, assess and evaluate while investing the necessary time and energy to create all of the neuromuscular connections necessary for great performance in golf. I look forward to working with you.

Player Evaluation and Reports for Investors / Sponsors

I have been around and in the game at its highest levels of junior, amateur, college, and professional golf for decades. I have basically seen it all.

I have played with or seen play every great player from Hogan to Woods and have studied those that have come before. I have seen entire careers unfold for many of the players that you see on the Champions Tour now. I know the aspects of the game that must be present in order to give any player the opportunity to perform amongst the best players in the world and provide a return on your investment dollars.

Upon signing up with one of my Las Vegas golf programs, I will evaluate and assess all of the skills of your player and compile a report laying out the chances of your player’s success in the world of professional golf. Depending on the depth of the report, it can / will include:

* An evaluation of your player’s swing motion; its efficiency, speed, repetitiveness and soundness.
* The player’s understanding of the swing motion; his / her ability solve problems, fix them and chances for continued improvement.
* The strengths and weaknesses in his / her game; driving, iron play, short game, sand play, specialty type shots, putting, the ability to work the ball.
* The player’s ability to focus, concentrate and raise the level of his involvement and performance when under stress.
* The player’s ability to learn, extrapolate and integrate information. The ability to hold multiple time sequenced thoughts while preparing for and executing a golf shot, hole or round of golf.
* The player’s competitiveness, desire to win and abhorrence to losing. The player’s self concept, self talk, comfort levels and more will be evaluated.
* The player’s organizational skills, background in previous learning environments and favorite subjects and interests.
* The player’s playing record including lowest rounds, lowest tournament total score, best finishes and related data.
* The player’s ability to travel.
* The player’s relationship to money, fame and attention by the media.
An evaluation of the player’s innate and learned athletic and mental skills, overview of his genetic traits and chances of continued good health during his career. An evaluation of his / her agility, balance, flexibility and suppleness and how it relates to performing and continuing to perform a golf swing motion, short game and putting. An evaluation of the player’s intangibles. Can he / she just score and win? The player’s desire to work, learn and improve.

This evaluation will be done over a period of hours, days or weeks depending on how in depth and detailed the report. Over time, every strength and weakness will be exposed and addressed. I watch everything and nothing of consequence goes unnoticed. I will offer to you the chances of your player’s success and the time that will be necessary to give your player the opportunity to express his best play…and once that level is reached, then how long will his career last.

Las Vegas Golf programs