The Byman Institute of Advanced Golf Studies


The Byman Institute of Advanced Golf Studies is a concept committed to excellence and optimal performance for the student and an experience that is demanding, challenging and results oriented. It provides the environment of achievement and inevitable improvement. It offers the opportunity for all golfers to reach their goals. It is simply unique in the business of teaching and coaching golf.

photo-instituteBob Byman has 40+ years of competitive experience and 31 years of teaching and coaching expertise. He offers the most effective golf instruction available today. Having had the advantage of competing against, playing with and / or seeing play every great player from Ben Hogan to Tiger Woods, coupled with teaching and coaching on the world class stage, Bob brings a unique perspective to the teaching business.

“My teachers were the best players of all time; Vardon, Hagen, Jones, Hogan, Snead, Palmer, Player, Nicklaus, Watson, Faldo and Woods. My main models were Hogan, Player, Nicklaus and Knudson. All of the greatest players of their day adhered to simple, basic and knowable concepts and beliefs. Through tens of thousands of hours of practice, play, teaching and study, I have synthesized and identified the commonalities in the physical, mental and managerial aspects of the game used by all of them. And now, can prioritize, present and teach them to you. The golf swing is so simple, it is laughable… it just takes time, study and work to learn it. The Byman Institute of Advanced Golf Studies offers inevitable improvement to anyone who really wishes to learn. Exclusively, time tested fundamentals are introduced, emphasized, stressed and reinforced.”

The Byman Institute of Advanced Golf Studies offers every client the opportunity to optimize all of his / her golfing skills. The game of golf is patient and non judgmental. It waits for you to finally take control of your game…to start feeding the fundamentals into the varied aspects of your game in order to improve dramatically in the short term, but more importantly set the conditions for continued long term improvement.

There are levels upon levels of performance in golf. At its lowest levels, all you must do is master a few simple disciplines and movements. As you want to continue your ascent toward improving your skills, the game dictates to you that the tolerance of deviation away from the most basic movements, understandings, perceptions and beliefs gets narrower. As you become a golfer and yet still want more, the game demands specialized suppleness, flexibility, agility and balance. It demands specialized organizational skills, focus, concentration, belief and faith. At the game’s highest levels, adherence to only the time tested fundamentals of mind, body and management skills is clear and undeniable. Work and study within a number of disciplines are necessary to reach the top.

The fundamentals allow for and we encourage individual expression, but we always keep you down a learning path of least resistance. The Byman Institute of Advanced Golf Studies not only knows what you must do, but also knows what you must avoid. In conjunction with my associates and experts of other disciplines, we offer you how to prepare, learn, train, practice and maintain the necessary body and brain skills necessary for your journey towards optimizing your game.

You cannot change effectively unless you fully understand what you are trying to do. It is our job to get you to understand and offer a defined, tried and true, pathway toward you reaching your goals in golf. It is your job to want it…to work…to learn…to discover and finally execute. Over time, all of your strengths and weaknesses will be exposed. We will help you to identify all of them, while enhancing your strengths and eliminating your weaknesses. We will put you into positive feedback loops in the physical, psychological and managerial aspects of the game. We call these the Circles of Fundamentals. You will find them no where else. You will learn how to learn, be able to identify and correct your errors and understand what you are doing so that you can repeat the purposeful things that you need and want to do…again and again. In essence, the Byman Institute of Advanced Golf Studies can help you become a golfer.