Aadil Bedi: India’s #1 Junior Golfer

Bob Byman is pleased to announce that 16 year old Aadil Bedi won the IGU Western Indian Amateur Golf championship by 7 shots. In the early 2017 tournament held in Mumbai, India, Aadil shot 70, 71, 67, 65 and carded seven-under-273.

Aadil’s success comes from an extreme dedication to the sport of golf. He started playing when he was just 4 years old and made his first trip to USA to play in the Junior World Cup in San Diego when he was 9 years old (2010). Since then, he has proven himself to be a motivated, energized, and confident athlete. Currently standing at 6′ 2″ and 170 lbs, Aadil is often hailed as “the next Tiger Woods”.

In addition to perseverance and personal drive to advance his sport, Aadil’s competitive edge is made possible by his family’s continual support. His parents provide their son with the best environment and conditions for him to succeed: this includes an exemplary diet, state of the art equipment, training, and the opportunity to travel the world to participate in tournaments and games. Golf tournaments abroad allow Aadil to meet other golfers (future competitors) of his same age and gives him the opportunity to experience different golf courses and climates.

What’s next for this young, rising star? Aadil is scheduled to play Maharashtra Amateur Championship, and he will represent Indian in the upcoming True Vision Golf Tournament at Bangkok, Thailand. He looks forward to competing at the Asian Pacific Games in Indonesia (August, 2018) and the Youth Olympic Games in Argentina (October, 2018). He will likely turn Pro in the end of 2018 and continue the next chapter of his career as a professional golfer.

Despite his string of victories, Aadil remains poised and gracious. He says he enjoys playing with elder players and gives credit to his coaches, Jesse Grewal (India) and Bob Byman (USA), who work with him physically and mentally to strengthen his game.

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aadil bedi [Photo from: ISN]

[Photo from: ISN]